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Dekarbonizacija vozila ikonice

The simplest and most efficient way to clean your car's engine!

It is only necessary to enter the vehicle data (in the application) and the device starts to produce the optimal amount of H2E® gas for the given vehicle in a certain operating mode. The gas is fed into the air intake of the engine and mixes with the air there, and then participates in about 20,000 combustions of the base fuel. While the engine is running in the presence of H2E® gas, within safe parameters and high temperature, it binds with carbon deposits inside the compression chamber and exhaust system. The procedure does not contain any harmful, dangerous and aggressive chemicals. By high-quality removal of carbon deposits, the efficiency of the engine returns close to factory values.

H2E Machines
Mašina za dekarbonizaciju


Over time, carbon deposits harm engine performance. It starts with: shaky throttle, reduced compression, worse fuel combustion, higher consumption and failures of expensive parts such as: pistons, valves, EGR valve, catalyst, turbo, DPF, etc.

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Dekarbonizacija motora promet saobraćaja


The H2E device and its advanced technological system enable an easier change of working material and a more complete combustion of fuel in the compression space. A number of advantages include: a longer-lasting engine, lower maintenance costs, reduction of emissions of harmful exhaust gases (up to 75%) and lower fuel consumption (up to 15%) and other numerous benefits.

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The most efficient way of removing the carbon deposits frome the engine.

Mašina za čišćenje motora - dekarbonizacija

H2E TECHNOLOGY FOR CLEANING THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - combustion chamber and exhaust system from carbon deposits

The interdisciplinary team of experts behind H2E technology has been researching the application of hydrogen and oxygen in internal combustion engines for 8 years. Thanks to science, we have developed the most efficient SUS engine cleaning systems.



The quality of (hydrogen and oxygen - water) gas depends on the circumstances and conditions in which it was obtained. The protected H2E technology (patented procedure and design of the electrolyzer) of water gas production enabled us to obtain repeatable conditions on which the quality and quantity of the produced gas depend, regardless of all the changing circumstances that affect the electrical conductivity of the electrolyzer (mains voltage, ambient temperature, temperature of the electrolyzer, electrolyte concentration...)

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Mašina za dekarbonizaciju dio
Dekarbonizacija motora, upravljanje Android aplikacijom

Android App

H2E® gas is fed into the engine air intake. The exact parameters of the vehicle's engine are entered into the application, which calculates the precise amount of gas that is necessary, as well as the time that is needed for the best cleaning results - for each individual specific engine on which the treatment is performed.

Dekarbonizacija - Android aplikacija


The H2E® app counts down the set treatment time and notifies you when the decarbonization process is complete.

Dekarbonizacija motora - mobilna Android aplikacija


The H2E® app collects vehicle data and analyzes it - to improve cleaning effects!

Dekarbonizacija, tablet i mobilna aplikacija


H2E IoT machine

H2E® online software makes it much easier for operators to use decarbonizing machines. Also, thanks to the IoT (Internet Of Things) modern concept, it produces the best quality and optimal amount of gas for end users' cars (engines).

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