H2E® Engine Carbon Cleaning

A new approach to a cleaner world through technology and innovation


Cleaning internal combustion engines, combustion chamber and exhaust system from carbon deposits.

The team behind H2E System is researching the usage of hydrogen and oxygen gas as an additive in Internal Combustion (IC) engines for the past six years and have developed the techno logically most advanced Engine Carbon Cleaning System.

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Cleaning internal combustion engines

Problems that are caused by carbon build up

Carbon build up happens inside every internal combustion engine. As carbon deposits accumulate the engine changes the way it works, efficiency drops, causing a variety of problems that include increased fuel consumption, diminished performances, shortened engine life span, rough running, and malfunction of other car parts which leads to additional costs (DP Filter, EGR valve and catalytic converter). Carbon build up is not just a problem in older engines, new engines are just as susceptible due to the narrow optimal ranges they operate in.

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Most common issues with engines

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Carbon cleaning benefits

The effects of this uniquely designed and technologically improved device results in improving fuel combustion which drastically prolongs the engines life span, reduces maintenance costs, fuel consumption up to 15% and exhaust emission up to 75%. During this process carbon deposits are being removed and this leads to restoring the engines horsepower, torque, lowering friction which results in smoother acceleration and in all a better driving experience.

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Most innovative engine carbon cleaning machine

Engine carbon cleaning
Hydrogen gas

The simplest way to clean your vehicles engine!

It’s a process of injecting just the right amount of H2E ® gas in the engines air intake. The gas then reacts and dissolves the carbon build up inside the compression chamber and the exhaust manifold. This process does not contain any harmful, hazardous or aggressive chemicals, in fact the by-product is water vapor. Removing the carbon build up restores the engines efficiency to factory like functional conditions.


H2E® Technology

Quality of the hydroxy gas is determined by the circumstances and conditions in which it is produced. Our unique technology (patent pending) for producing the hydroxy gas comes with a controlled process of electrolysis which ensures that the gas is always the same quality no matter of external temperature influences and voltage fluctuations from the grid.

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H2e technology

Android Application

The H2E ® gas outtake is brought to the engines air intake. The correct parameters of the engine are typed in the app which calculates the correct amount of gas and time needed to get the best cleaning results to each and every engine.


The app is counting down the time and will notify you when the process is finished.


Collecting information of the vehicles to further improve the cleaning effects!

H2e iot machine


H2E Iot Machine

H2E network (software) will provide easing use of carbon cleaning machine for operators, and with help of IoT (Internet Of Things) modern concept, will produce the best gas quality for end-user cars(engines).

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