H2E Technology

Most innovative engine carbon cleaning machine

Hydrogen and oxygen gas

We are developing technology that enables the production of hydrogen and oxygen gas of reproducible quality regardless of the conditions in which the system is located. As each Internal Combustion Engine requires different parameters, a system is developed that permanently adjusts based on the feedback, in order to achieve the maximum effect / benefit from the H2E Engine carbon cleaning.


Technology for treating Internal Combustion Engines with hydrogen and oxygen gas in order to reduce the emissions of harmful exhaust gases and to reduce exploitation costs

Patented Technology

Industrial machines intended for the production of hydrogen and oxygen gas, which stimulates the atmosphere in the engine for the purpose of degradation of the deposits in the combustion chamber and the exhaust branch of the engine in a non invasive way.


A control panel that uses an android application which, via a Bluetooth connection, enables the connection of a machine with a "cloud" (database), which in this case is necessary for achieving optimal results on the treated engine and further development of the procedure itself.

H2E Software

IT solutions

H2e android application

Internet Of Things

H2E software network as heart of main project have significant effect for this new technology by using modern IT solutions and providing tools to make H2E technology unique and reliable for end-users. H2E network (software) will provide easing use of carbon cleaning machine for operators, and with help of IoT (Internet Of Things) modern concept, will produce the best gas quality for end-user cars(engines).