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Our strong research and development team is capable of developing various forms and functions of water electrolysis devices, solutions in the fields of energy, electronics, mechanical constructions, web services, software, as well as other challenges in the domain of our technology.

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The only way to produce the optimal amount and quality of gas

The patented modular design of the electrolyzer allowed us to optimize the number of cells of the device so that it can work 24/7 without a break and without problems meet our high standards of reproducible gas quality that are necessary for every consumer to receive the same quality treatment. Reproducible conditions in which electrolysis takes place are the basis for finding optimal parameters for different types of consumers.

We use the most advanced design and simulation programs for hardware development, and the results are checked and corrected in adequate laboratories.

There are almost no applications of ready-made solutions that can be found on the market. The components and sub-assemblies were developed on purpose, which allowed us high reliability, multiple functions, absolute quality control and maximum utilization of space inside the case.

The software (firmware) in the devices itself was developed from scratch, specifically for the microcontroller that was placed on our PCB design, which, together with the android application as a control panel, enabled us to have unique functionalities that no ready-made solution on the market has, which is necessary in order to apply the patented parameter optimization procedure against efficiency feedback.


The industrial production of the subject invention is absolutely possible in factories and well-equipped workshops for the production of electrical equipment and electronic devices.

The invention is suitable for serial production. Its application is recommended in the chemical industry, metallurgy and in other production processes in which the electrolysis process is used. The device is suitable for both laboratory and industrial conditions. The emphasis of the application of the invention is on the application of the electrolysis process in the process of obtaining hydrogen and oxygen gas, with a note that the device according to the invention can be successfully applied to obtain other products based on electrolysis.

Dekarbonizacija certifikat - WO 2019/132684 A1
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