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has been researching the application of hydrogen and oxygen in the combustion of fossil fuels for 10 years. The result is a protected technology for producing the optimal amount and quality of gas as an additive for any type of fuel consumer.

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with which we entered the market are SUS engine treatment systems. (engine decarbonization machines).

Mašina za dekarbonizaciju

Revolutionary H2E® gas that changes your driving experience!

The quality of the gas depends on the conditions in which it was obtained. The protected technology of production of hydrogen and oxygen gas "WO2019132684 - MODULAR DEVICE AND PROCEDURE FOR PRODUCING REPRODUCIBLE QUALITY HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN GASES" in controlled conditions of electrolysis enables the reproducibility of the given quantity and quality, regardless of the changing internal and external factors in which the electrolyzer is located.

The gas produced in this way is used as an additive to clean the engine from carbon deposits by a non-invasive method, which increases the engine's energy efficiency, reduces exhaust gas emissions and increases reliability. H2E technology is the only safe, proven and patented procedure for cleaning all types of IC engines.

H2E® C54 & C100

Design and features

H2E C54 suitable for cars

H2E C54

Mašina za dekarbonizaciju

H2E C100

H2E C100

Mašina za dekarbonizaciju C100

Air Flow

Uniform airflow for long-term work

Protok vazduha u mašini za dekarbonizaciju


They protect the entire housing. Used for coiling cables and hoses.
Lateral transport position.

Mašina za dekarbonizaciju ručke

Platform, BIG data

H2E gas production controller and process management android application (patent pending). Data analytics to further optimize the carbon cleanup process.

Mašina za dekarbonizaciju podaci


Bluetooth between device and app. The application is connected to the global network and web server.

Povezivanje na mašinu za dekarbonizaciju

User interface

Easy to use for the inexperienced
operator with minimal training.

Korisnički interfejs

Standard adapter

Standardizovan adapter za mašinu za dekarbonizaciju

Design of electrolytic cells

H2E ZCLC cells with integrated water filter (patented)

Elektrolitske ćelije

Membrane cap

Membranski čep

Detection of gas production

Gas production is visible in the water filter (bubbler).

Detekcija proizvodnje gasa

Liquid level

Digital and analog detection with LED backlight

Nivo tečnosti


The simplest and most effective way to clean your vehicle's engine!

The patented modular design of the electrolyzer allowed us to optimize the number of cells of the device so that it can run 24/7 without a break and without problems meet our high standards of repeatable gas quality that are necessary to ensure that every vehicle engine receives the best possible treatment regardless of whether is the first or tenth treatment during the day. The reproducible conditions in which electrolysis takes place were the basis for finding optimal parameters for a large number of different types and volumes of engines.

The most advanced design and simulation software were used for the development of the hardware, and the results were checked and corrected in adequate laboratories. There are almost no applications of ready-made solutions that can be found on the market. The components and sub-assemblies were developed on purpose, which allowed us high reliability, multiple functions, absolute quality control and maximum utilization of space inside the case.

The software (firmware) in the industrial machine itself was developed from scratch specifically for the microcontroller that was placed on our PCB design, which, together with the android application as a control panel, enabled us to have unique functionalities that no ready-made solution on the market has, and which is necessary in order to apply a patented parameter optimization procedure against feedback on the effectiveness of the H2E treatment.

It's simply impossible to go wrong with the H2E system. The hardware is maximally efficient and practical to use. With some machines, our first customers have done over 2000 treatments in real conditions and judging by the feedback from end customers, just with software upgrades, the cars work better and better..

Our process is based on injecting the right amount of H2E® gas into the engine air intake. The gas then reacts and dissolves the accumulated carbon deposits inside the compression chamber and exhaust system. This process does not contain any harmful, dangerous or aggressive chemicals, in fact the by-product is water vapor. Removing carbon deposits restores engine efficiency and factory-like operating conditions.

H2E® Engine Carbon Cleaning

H2E decarbonization is a preventive service of expensive components:

Čišćenje motora od ugljenika

More efficient combustion of fuel in the compression space is a consequence of the chemical reaction of the binding of hydrogen and carbon and enables an easier change of the working substance.

The effectiveness and safety of H2E technology have been scientifically proven by the relevant institutions through a detailed analysis of a large number of different vehicle engines. H2E engine cleaning treatment is applicable to all vehicles, regardless of the type of fuel and engine generation.

Proces dekarbonizacije
Proces H2E dekarbonizacije
H2E dekarbonizacija proces

H2E® patented cleaning process

Hydrogen and oxygen gas of renewable quality (H2E) is mixed with air in the intake manifold of the engine. Vehicle parameters are entered into the application, which calculates the precise amount of gas and duration of the procedure necessary for the best cleaning results for each individual engine.

Patentiran postupak dekarbonizacije

Pro versions and custom options

H2E C54 i C100 predviđene su za preventivno čišćenje motora, sa unapred predodređenim parametrima.

H2E C54 and C100 are designed for preventive engine cleaning, with predetermined parameters.

H2E C54 PRO and C100 PRO have additional sensors and a more advanced control unit that enables more detailed monitoring and control of the electrolyzer.

PRO versions independently determine the service interval of the electrolyzer, which can be significantly longer depending on the conditions of exploitation of the machine compared to the basic models.

H2E PRO versionsof the machines come with preparation for additional CUSTOM (WEB/Android app) options that enable the most diverse business models and advanced application of technology.

The specification of CUSTOM options depends on your needs, and the most common are: