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The simplest way to clean your vehicles engine!

It’s a process of injecting just the right amount of H2E ® gas in the engines air intake. The gas then reacts and dissolves the carbon build up inside the compression chamber and the exhaust manifold. This process does not contain any harmful, hazardous or aggressive chemicals, in fact the by-product is water vapor. Removing the carbon build up restores the engines efficiency to factory like functional conditions.

Cleaning engine with hydroxy gas

Quality of the hydroxy gas is determined by the circumstances and conditions in which it is produced.

Our unique technology for producing the hydroxy gas comes with a controlled process of electrolysis which ensures that the gas is always the same quality no matter of external temperature influences. The gas produced in this manner is used as an additive in the internal combustion engine with a non-mechanically invasive method where it helps improve engines energy efficiency by removing carbon deposits.

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